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Meet Dr. Luke Henry - South Carolina
I started coaching with Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Bard just 2 months ago.
This is not my first trip around the coaching block as I have been involved with multiple other practice management groups over my 28 year career. I honestly feel that in the last 2 months I have been provided more meaningful and relevant information, resources and ideas than I have
with years of "old hat" that is largely recycled rhetoric delivered by other management groups. The experience thus far has been truly and as refreshingly "concierge" as the name implies!!
They respond to phone calls promptly with the answers I need and more. Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Bard were very quick to ferret out who I was as a doctor and as a leader and have been very specific to the needs of my practice in their directives.  It isn't cookie cutter practice
management, it is about you and your practice, your demographic, your values and beliefs, your timetable. I have much to learn but feel that I am really developing as a business woman
under their tutelage.  Very happy client! Highly recommend getting on board yesterday if you are ready to shift gears! You will be nothing less than - inspired, empowered and provided the tools you need to be a great success.
Dr. Carolyn Hunter - South Carolina
Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Bard have helped me to have a record collection month (60k). Breaking this records took 2 years but we were able to do this after only 6 months under the guidance of these great doctors. We have added digital x-ray, decompression, laser and massage and plan to have an integrated medical center. We are also building a new office building in a prime real estate location. More importantly, the motivation Dr. Kaplan and Bard have provided has given me more enthusiasm for practice than I have ever had. It's great to be moving ahead! Thanks,


Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Bard,
I am honored and touched  that you have selected me as Concierge Coaches chiropractor of the year for 2012. Your guidance and encouragement have been instrumental in helping me grow my practice by "serving patients better". As Dr. Kaplan says, "Your best friends bring the best out of you". I look forward to "bridging" to an integrated  practice in 2013.
It has been a blessing to have you as consultants and friends.

Luke Henry, DC - South Carolina


More Client Doctors....

Dr. Kaplan, I wanted to drop you a short testimonial to let you know how pleased I am with your decompression consulting and my new decompression table. As you know, I own and have owned many different (7) decompression tables, including the Vad-x, the DRX 9000, the doc system, the DRS and the Chattanooga Triton DTS. Out of the six decompression tables that we run every day, the Discforce™ by far has become my favorite, as well as, our patients’.
Let me tell you why…  We deal with a lot of professional and world-class athletes and to me the Discforce™ is a world-class machine, we are able to get better results
in a much shorter period of time because of the design of the machine and the specificity of its minute mechanisms. The safety features built-in to the table are amazing, and what makes this machine standout above all the other machines I have or have had, is the oscillation mode and the IDD therapy protocols which no other manufacturer of decompression machine offers. I feel very strongly that the look and the design of this machine surpass all other machines, but it’s ability to get quicker and better resultsis what I was looking for in order to stand out from the crowd, especially with the type of patient base that we take care of. Also the fact that it is endorse
by so many top athletes is another reason that I wanted this machine in my office…
Don’t be surprised if I start sending you some of our athlete’s testimonials very soon… Thanks for creating this incredible piece of equipment and
I look forward to working with you in the near future and beyond.

William R. Moyal, DC, CCSP


Dear Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Bard,

As the wife of a chiropractor I was a bit nervous when I heard about Concierge Coaches.
I had already spoken with Dr. Bard on the phone and knew he would be a great help
for us.  I had heard about Dr. Kaplan's expertise, but was concerned that we would be taking on more than we could handle.
The money was the issue. After we attended their one day seminar, both Dr. Girgis and I were
convinced that this was what we needed to do to grow our practice. From day one, the constant attention for detail and coaching whenever we needed the help proved that our decision was the right one. They understand both marketing and management of a chiropractic clinic
and have had great input on all the areas we presented to them.
Although successful before, they have taken our office to a whole new level. Within the first month our practice has grown over 33% and we only see great things in our future.
Thanks to your coaching and hands on detail, we began to focus on your technique for patient management, including, follow-up patient visits, we went from 100 that week to 157 the very next week from just from one simple management technique and have maintained the growth.
 Our new patients are up 50%.
 Thanks for your encouragement, willingness to be there whenever  we need you, and patience as we grow this practice.

God Bless You Both --

Dear Dr. K,
How can we ever thank you for the heavy doses of encouragement and skill you gave us yesterday!!  We are already getting on with it and are making improvements.  You will never know what a blessing you and Dr. Bard have been and continue to be to us.
I will start doing the financials on the spinal decompression myself, but will you please send me a form to use that you think is good?
Thanks again for everything.

Dr. Carey & Sally Girgis - Ohio


I looked over the Concierge Coaches promo materials for a year before deciding to jump aboard. It is everything that is advertised and more. To have Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Bard come to my office and spend the day was just awesome. Seriously, who else does that? I am going through their reports from their visit. All the material is personalized and customized for my clinic and looks great. I am in a small town and can still follow what they tell me to do. They are there to make sure I implement suggestions and grow. They have the experience and pass it on. The graphics department works for you, customizing the material and produce great promo graphics. They are always working to produce new streams of income through marketing and give you the systems to produce a better office. They bring the excitement you need to rev the engine back up. In practice, I strive to give the patients more than they expect and give them the wow experience. Dr. Bard and Dr. Kaplan wowed me and I am getting more than I expected. I can always call or email them and they encourage me too. How’s that for one of a kind service!

Dr. Scott Craig- Indiana


I recently joined Concierge Coaching less than 1 month ago. Dr. Kaplan immediately put me to work and incorporated many of the basics fundamentals to success no other consultant taught me in all my years in practice. Dr. Bard, has started incorporating my office branding and some new patient programs. What a difference a good coach makes. In just that short period of time I have already increased my practice by 33%. That is without the boot camp training or the onsite visit, which is scheduled for the near future. The excitement is back in practice again. Thank you Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Bard, I can easily see doubling my practice within the next six months and tripling my practice by this time next year. I was on the fence about joining, but now I am glad I did. I love the constant contact and support, you guys rock, If your thinking about your next consultant, I would not hesitate to recommend Concierge Coaches. There program is different and unique from any other out there, I am 100% happy I joined and if I have one regret, it is , I WOULD HAVE SIGNED UP SOONER.

Dr. Chip Oncken- South Carolina


As a new client, like any person I was a little hesitant and skeptical as I run a family practice in Indiana. He not only has helped me but has worked with my daughter a DC, to maximize her skills have been in the chiropractic business for 25 years and have been to many consultants. What they say is what they do and they do it custom for you. . Well after only about 6 weeks, our practice is up 33 1/3% and I see it only going up from here. Dr. Kaplan is a thorough hands on guy, that watches and works with me weekly. He is not only good but he cares. Dr. Bard is a marketing master who sends us great stuff on a weekly basis. In essence I gout two consultants for the price of one and the results show I will soon double my practice.

Thank you Dr's Kaplan and Bard

Dr. Mark Allen - Indiana

               Meet Dr. Tom Finney - Illinois

Meet Dr. Gerry Mannino - Virginia


Dear Drs. Kaplan and Bard

Thank you! Those 2 little words do not even do justice for the patience, kindness, compassion, perseverance and dedication that you have shown to me.

I have been in practice since 1999, and I have to admit that what I thought was successful was really only survival. I have worked with several management groups over the years, and well let’s just say, I was still only surviving. Each of the groups that I was involved with were pretty much cookie cutter, and did not truly tap into the Doctor that they were coaching… so with that none were successful for me.

I met Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Bard several times at seminars. Dr. Kaplan is a tough in your face guy with love, strength, conviction, and passion, a from heart person. One day I sat in on his lecture, and as he would tell you, I was one of his most challenging but intriguing persons’ that he had met in a while. I was tough on the exterior but soft on the inside. I was very impressed but very skeptical of Dr. Kaplan and what he boasted about being able to do.   It was also not a great time for me financially.

Dr. Kaplan followed up with me for months and just talked, gave advice and worked me through a few issues all at no charge, that is the person he is, that is the way they are.  I can attest, they do not do this for the money and will help you regardless of your economic situation.    Following a trip to Chicago to meet with the doctors, I decided to give them a shot, after all it was only my practice I had to loose and pride. 

1 year later, I am still changing, still growing, I am not where I want to be yet, but am heading in the right direction. I need am seeing growth through change.  They will stick with you, work with you, push you motivate you. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel, I am changing, I am growing and I am grateful to them both.

There are many difficulties and challenges ahead, but I am confident, Dr’s Kaplan and Bard will be with me every step of the way, they sincerely care and they are up with the times. Although I am often stubborn and hate change, their “One on One” approach allows you to think the process while making constructive changes.  My practice is still not where I want it to be, but I am condiment it is heading in the right direction.

My point in sharing this information is that Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Bard however, during all of my growth, I am proof that money is not the burning desire behind the doctors, choice to work with their clients. My monies have been limited, and the doctors still take time to work with me, they put me, my growth ahead of their fee.  They have put my success ahead of their fee.  If you are scared, that normal, but if you are worried will they work with you, will they work with your finances, will they care?  THEY WILL

They made a commitment to me to make me better, grow my practice and make me financially successful, and they have not given up on me. Dr. Kaplan has gone so far as to call me at 8:30 at night. They are truly unique and if you are looking for someone to coach, and care, they are your people.

Dr. Tammy L. Costello-Hales


I now have reached my best week ever, my practice is up by over 30% and now I want more.  I was slow to implement at first, but the constant attention, the direct coaching from Dr Kaplan and Dr Bard is great, they force you to succeed.  Practice got boring, but now I am excited, energized and again see the light.  I will double my practice this year, thanks to their coaching, and if you want to build your practice, their process is truly the best.

Dr. Mark  - Washington

Dr. Kaplan,
I wanted to take a brief moment of your time to thank you.  In the short time that I have been working with you, a little over a week, I have started to see my practice grow.  I have implemented such simple things and already we are experiencing growth.  Thank you and I can't wait to see what the future holds.
Chiropractically Yours,
Dr. Chris Hogan-Georgia


You will get more than you pay for Eric's work. He will clean up your operation and get you on a path to $$$$ and organization. Go for it, sign.
Dr Darrow, M.D., J.D.,  California


Just a note letting you know how excited I am to be starting with you. I started working with you on November 1st and after implementing a few of your procedures my visits jumped 33%! I can say that now I'm more excited than ever to come to the office. The most exciting thing is that this is just the beginning. I know that with your help I will hit my goals and achieve the practice that until now I thought was 10 years down the road. I can't wait for your office visit so we can really get rocking! Thanks again for all of your guidance and encouragement.

Dr. Shawn F
Pittsburgh, PA


Hi Eric,
As you know, things are going well here.  I can't believe the production and the collections that we are seeing now.  We have officially doubled everything and I am pleased to see the fruits of my labor.  Again, thanks for everything. Our growth has a lot to do with our new patient flow and diversification of our services. My front desk CA has been great ever since I put her on an incentive program. Dr. Cornejo has been a tremendous asset as he has referred many patients to the practice

Dr. D - California


Dear Eric,

Thanks for the recent advice.  Once again you’ve proven your value as a business consultant and a friend.  You taught me how to integrate my practice and made for a smooth transition.  My income has exploded under your direction and I love the fact that you are always there for me and always updated on rules and regulations.

 For 8 years your guidance has been invaluable to me in building my practice.  In my opinion your knowledge of the industry, your years of experience, and your ability to spot upcoming trends sets you apart from the pack. 

You’re the best,

John T. Keenan, DC



Excellent seminar great balance of new equipment and philosophy. Absolutely recommend attending!
    - Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Educational; enlightening; well organized’ impressive equipment
- Dr. Bob Greenberg

Passionate and vision creative. They are the dream team.
                    - J.J. Rivet

They realize the power of chiropractic.
                    - B.J. Fowler

Very dynamic speakers; triumphant debut.
                    - Justin Alexander

Truly enjoyed Dr. Kaplan’s energy when speaking and his interaction with his audience.
It’s Awesome!!!!            - Dr. Catalina Torres

Inspiring – gives us as a professional image of credibility and respect.
                    Richard Hiler

You are on the cutting edge; a high energy seminar, well worth my time.
                    Dr. Ted Florio

Excellent; it changed my understanding of my role in the practice.
                    Dr. Mikhail Berman

The best seminar I’ve ever attended. Most informative coding information. I would recommend these seminars in a heartbeat.
                    Tonya Clement, C.A.

Every Chiropractic Assistant should attend one of these seminars!
                    Dee Johns, C.A.

Bringing the Practice of Chiropractic into the 21st Century. These seminars will elevate the chiropractic profession within a healthcare arena.
                    Dr. Michael Fox
The seminar was a good boast to move our practice into the next level. Dr. Kaplan was enlightening.
                    Dr. Michael Reim

Very good; excellent; better than I imagined. “I’ll be back”.
                    Dr. Bob Hutchins

Informative; the energy and new technology is top of the line.
                    Dr. Terry Rothstein

1st class; the seminars energy was amazing.
                    Dr. Debra Nagurney

I will give this seminar a 10 out of 10.
                    Dr. Thomas Smarsh

Excellent; this seminar can benefits patients and add services to our bottom line.
                    Dr. Curtis Uhrich

Truly loved the seminar’s energy level.
                    Dr. Jack Acctomay

The vision of the Practice of Tomorrow.
                    Dr. Jason Marucci

Very informative and upbeat; full of insight and common sense.
                    Dr. Dan Rodrigues

On a scale of 1 – 10, I would give it an “Eleven”. This seminar “Had It All”.
                    Dr. Charles Wood

I rate this seminar an A+. I loved the energetic speakers and technology. I would definitely recommend these seminars. I will be at the next one.
                    Dr. Harvey Rossel

As a member of the Board in South Carolina, Dr. Kaplan and this seminar has set the standard. He has helped me the most.
                    Dr. Mitchell Falk

Outstanding, new information/demonstration on the equipment.
                    Dr. John Barnett

Excellent seminar; a must for all MD’s and DC’s who want to remain on the cutting edge.
                    Dr. Suzanne Peoples

Eric Kaplan,

You have my permission to use this endorsement from me.

Being in the NFL as a defensive end for 10 years, I appreciate the ability of a good coach.  
Dr Kaplan has been my personal and business coach for years.  He not only talks the talk, he walks the walk.

His ability to teach you and guide you to overcome Obstacles in life and business will change your life, as it has mine. I recommend Dr. Kaplan to anyone who wants to be the  best they can be."
Duane Clemens
 Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Duane Clemons


By the way things are really busy, and all advertising has worked
phenomenal.  I am open here for under 3 months and I have a 2-3 week wait to get in to see me.  I am working my butt off with advertising and events, but the results and success of treatments have been
fantastic.  I am very happy.  I smell a second machine hopefully soon!!!! :) 

Dr. Joe Luvara


Just wanted to let you know that I sold my first $6000 decompression package and we haven't even started our marketing program.  Imagine I paid for nine months payments with one patient.  In addition, we were just approved for a work comp decompression patient at $180 per visit.  I am thrilled with DiscForce and the support of Dr's Kaplan and Mattia.  Your marketing sets the standard. I will keep you informed as to our progress.

Thanks for all your help.

Lester N. Levine, D.C.


Dr. Kaplan,

After having the DRX for years, I knew I needed a change.  So I turned in my machine and bought the DiscForce.  The differences in the two companies appeared immediate. Both machines were handsome but we had difficulty getting service and support with the DRX.  With DiscForce service and support have been immediate, friendly, and dependable.  The marketing from DiscForce sets the standard, and I am thrilled with my DiscForce machine.  The magnetic release alone show significant updates in the technologies over DRX.  If you are looking to purchase a machine, after having them both I would recommend DiscForce.   In my opinion, it’s the best that money can buy; and the best part is, I am getting fantastic results!!

 Dr. Charles Fundaro
Brooklyn, New York


Recently I purchased a Disc Force Spinal Decompression machine in June of this year. I have had outstanding results (exceeding the average 87% success rate) not only on my patients, but on my own lumbar region.
Due to multilevel disc pathology I had previously been given surgical recommendations, but now I am back playing early morning golf for the first time in over 5 years.
Dareld R. Morris II, D.O., FAADEP
Medical Director
Morris Medical Center, P.A.
2621 Cleveland Ave.
Ft. Myers, Fl.   33901

DiscForce is the best non surgical drug free option for anyone suffering from back and neck pain that I have seen in my 10yr NFL career.
 It was the best investment I've ever made in my body, career, and my life.

Duane Clemens
Defensive End Former Captain of both  Cincinnati Bengals & Kansas City Chiefs


I was first impressed with the Discforce equipment when I viewed it in January at the Parker Seminar in Las Vegas.  I had been looking for a De-compression unit for some time.  I purchased on of the initial prototypes and have been extremely pleased with the equipment and the support I have received from North American Medical.  My patients have been very satisfied with their treatment and the results have been outstanding in both the cervical and lumbar regions.  I have been very pleased with my investment in Discforce.

Dr. Ralph D. Roles, Chiropractic Neurologist


Dear Dr. Kaplan

I spent much time investigating the decompression market prior to buying DiscForce.  There are many inexpensive pretenders out there, that do not offer true decompression and do not get  optimal results.  Personally I love the Disc Force it is smooth, powerful, looks like a state of the art machine, and comes with excellent marketing and support. Having operated other premium decompression equipment, Disc Force is more comfortable and has the cervical addition for around the same cost that others charge just for the lumbar machine.  My success rate with the cervical unit is around_98 % it had far exceeded my expectations.  When patients see my machine they don't hesitate to pay my fee.  If you shop and compare you will find no company offer the comprehensive package that DiscForce does. Why get older technology when Disc Force is available.  You have my permission to use this testimonial, the cervical success rate is 100 %
 Dr. Mitchell Fine, Orlando Florida 


As a Chiropractor that has been incorporating a lot of new technology into my practice over the last 5 years, I amassed several key pieces of equipment, Endermotherapy, Ionic Detox, custom Orthotics. It helped patients get better, helped set me apart from other providers in the area, but there was more that I knew I needed to have to take my office to the next level.
I began looking into disc decompression units for the office in 2007. I really looked at everything at the summer convention in Orlando in the realm of decompression. I saw a lot of the same technology in different packaging all claiming to be better than the other guy, saw traction units disguised to be decompression. I saw a lot of very over priced equipment, and some intimidating looking and complicated pieces of equipment until I saw the Disc-Force booth at the Orlando convention. Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Mattia have worked well with North American Medical to produce a piece of equipment that works well on many levels.
   First off, it is an esthetically pleasing unit that does not intimidate the patients. It has clean lines and a does not take up all the room in the office. It offers the ability to treat lumbar AND cervical conditions from the same unit without bulky side pieces that take up valuable office space. The headpiece is simple to install for cervical patients and the minimal and open design makes it easy to put patients on the cervical unit without feeling closed in or claustrophobic. Just what the doctor ordered.
    The software that was developed is very user friendly and easy to train office staff to use. It is literally as simple as touching the screen to make your selections. If your office staff can use an ATM, they can operate Disc-Force. The magnetic release of the table for lumbar treatment frees up time for the office staff, it is computer controlled care. Being able to track daily notes with the onscreen keyboard makes it easy to update patient progress and the touch screen helps the machine keep the clean lines.
    Patients enjoy going on the table. They find it very relaxing and without the jerkiness often associated with other types of decompression tables. They respond well to care because they are able to relax more completely as the Disc-Force is a very quiet table as well. Most patients fall asleep, but those that stay awake, they enjoy the personal size television at their disposal. The television helps relax the patient so they gain full benefit from the technology built into the Disc-Force.
The marketing campaign that is included does everything needed to get the phones ringing. The infomercial is well produced, informative and easy for the lay person to follow. Every time the infomercial runs, the phones start ringing.  People stay tuned to watch the full infomercial when it runs.
The customer service is second to none. Any issue that may arise with the machine, service reps will talk you through. Delivery and set up of the table is very efficient, in your office training helps the user become familiar with the equipment almost immediately. Updates for the technical components and software of the Disc-Force are handled quickly by the service department, overnighting any updates that may be needed as they are developed.

Just what a practitioner needs, one company that has a superb product and one stop shopping. Getting the Disc-Force allowed us to have a piece of high tech equipment that works as well as top level customer care, marketing, training and support as well as consultation by the people who are in the know.
We are very happy with our decision to add Disc-Force to our lineup in the office.

Dr. Edward M. Buonadonna D.C.


I have been using the DiscForce table for the past several months and can't say enough about the table the company.
My patients love decompression and by adding it to my practice, I have opened up a whole new avenue of treatment for those I was unable to help before.  
DiscForce stands behind their product like no other company.  If you are considering a decompression table, don't waste time with anyone else.  Go for Discforce today.

Dr. David Schwartz


Eric, thank you for the power point.  Like all your marketing, It is excellent.  Hope your holiday’s are great.

Dr. Ralph D. Roles, Chiropractic Neurologist