Palm Beach Massage Centers

The Palm Beach Massage Story......

Like many D.C.’s and Chiropractic centers everywhere it ‘s a given that individuals in most clinics (existing patients) love massage and want it in abundance. For Drs. Kaplan & Bard “Palm Beach Massage Centers” was born out of the need to share massage with everyone “outside” their clinics. Created as a separate and distinct business, Palm Beach Massage Centers instantly became successful. Fast forward many years later and the opportunity to share it with other successful D.C.’s presented and the rest is history. One of the all-time greatest traffic builders available today the Palm Beach Massage Centers focuses on making the entry point to your office an incrediblely positive experience and couples with Chiropractic in the most seamless way. Graduated into each clinic and completely personalized as a “ Themed Massage Experience”, it provides a true “Multiple Income Stream” for years to come. The complete system includes all the necessary tools to establish a profitable business that features a “Professional Massage” by a “Professional Massage Therapist” in a “Professional & Positive Setting”. In addition, a complete ”hand-holding” relationship exists between your Palm Beach Massage Center & Concierge Coaches, Inc. to facilitate, guide, assist & develop each individual clinic to maximize growth based upon each clinic’s goals. Their is simply nothing like it!

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