New Patient Marketing


No matter how successful and powerful any one marketing system is, the real strength of any program is based upon the following:

1- Are you able to bring NEW patients into your office from a multiitude of different portals and feeder systems?

2- Are those systems self-working?

3- Can you piggy-back one system upon another?

4- Can you generate "QUALITY" New patients for a couple of dollars per true patient?

5- Can you set the week, month & quarter in motion with a "PIPELINE" of New Patients by utilizing proven, "GUARANTEED" tools that are provided to you in concert with COMPLETE support?

Imagine OVER 20 NEW PATIENT SYSTEMS working for YOU!

-Luxury Massage Marketing

-Targeted Decompression Marketing

-Monthly Referral Marketing

-Personalized Profile Marketing

-Philanthropic Church Marketing

-VIP Re-Activation Marketing

-Hi-Tech Laser Marketing

-Ultimate Coffee with Doc Marketing

-Trauma Networked Accident Marketing

-ClubCare Health Club Marketing

-Reverse Preferred Provider Marketing

-Direct Health Pass Marketing

-Pharmaceutical Like Chiropractic Marketing

-SRO Workshop Marketing

-Labor Required Vocational Marketing

-Mall of Health Care Marketing

-Win/Win Integrated Marketing

-Film On File Marketing

-In House Screening Marketing