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  • Dr. Eric S. Kaplan, C.E.O.


    Significant and recognized success in high-profile, Corporate Business Leader, Consulting and Administrative positions involving the Strategic Marketing and Management of successful Health-Service enterprises throughout the United States … Successfully establishing service enterprises in highly competitive, major metropolitan territories, capturing market share, managing business operations and formulating programs designed to diversify products and services …Acting in the capacity of Corporate Turnaround Specialist, transforming marginal or deficient public corporations into profit centers – raising per-share price of public stock from $1.20 (to) over $4.00 within just twelve months – shifting annual revenue (losses) from $12M, to profitability within a twelve month period and changing income from less than ($1M) at time of hiring (to) over ($40M, while more then tripling the stock price) … directing, planning and coordinating product and service development, identifying markets and territories with profit potential and forming consensus agreements with corporate partners and affiliates … specializing in roles demanding superior medic-relations, formal-presentation skills and goodwill ambassadorship – specific roles and responsibilities including but not limited to:
    •Corporation President and CEO [Mergers & Acquisitions]
    •Corporate COO
    •Corporate Vice President
    •Company/Corporation Turnaround Specialist
    •Product Development Coordinator
    •Multi-Unit Manager
    •Health Facility – Health Services Company Founder
    •Chiropractic Physician
    •Public Relations and Media Relations Specialist

    •1999 to Present – CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, [Corporate Consulting Services] MBA Inc., Palm Beach Gardens, FL
    •2009 to Present- CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFICER, Concierge Coaches, Palm Beach Gardens, FL www.conciergecoaches.com
    •2007 to Present – CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, Discforce INC, Marietta GA.www.discforce.com
    •2007 to 2008  PRESIDENT, Discforce, Inc, Marietta, GA.
    •2002 to Present- PRESIDENT Intouch Consultants
    •2009 to Present PRESIDENT,CEO Palm Beach Massage Centers- A licensed massage company with clinics throughout the United States
    •1996 to 1999 – PRESIDENT/COO, Complete Wellness Centers Inc., [NYSE],        which owned and in excess of 50% of Nutrisystem Inc & 100% of franchised stores. Dr. Kaplan led this acquisition and company. His expertise assisted in taking Nutrisystem to a internet and media driven company, assisted in guiding them to profitability while working with every facet of Nutrisystem business model.
    •1996 to 1999 BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Complete Wellness Centers., NYSE]     Washington, D.C. Was profitable up until and one year after my departure.
    •1995 to 1996 – PRESIDENT, BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Clinicare Wellness Centers, West Palm Beach, FL
    •1993 to 1995 – PRESIDENT, BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Medical Diagnostic Imaging Inc., West Palm Beach, FL.
    •1993 TO 1994 DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS; Clinicorp Inc., NASDQ, West Palm Beach, FL

    International Medical Advisory Board for Spinal Decompression, Co Chairman 2011-2012

    1978 to 1993 – CLINIC OWNER/OPERATOR and FOUNDER;
    •North Palm Chiropractic Center
    •Boynton Chiropractic Center
    •West Palm Chiropractic Center
    •Jupiter Chiropractic Center
    •Doctors Diagnosis Rehabilitation and Weight-Loss Center of North Palm Beach
    •Doctors Diagnosis Rehabilitation and Weight-Loss Center of West Palm Beach
    •CEO Discforce Inc., founder.

    •LPG INC Miami Fl, Nice, Valence, France 2002-2007
    •Advanced Spinal Technologies Boca Raton Fl, New York, NY, 2005-08
    •Sky Capital New York, NY, London England 2004-08
    •North American Medical, Marietta GA, 2006-Present
    •Energy and Vitality INC. 2011-2013
    •Bear Lakes Country Club 2013
    •Devonshire Wellington Green- 100 million life care facility.

    Doctor of Chiropractic, New York Chiropractic College, Brooksville, NY – 1978
    Baccalaureate of Arts Degree, ENGLISH, Fairleigh Dickinson University,
    Madison, NJ – 1974
    Fellow International Academy of Medical Acupuncture – 2000
    South Carolina-still active

    New York
    New Jersey        
    South Carolina
    North Carolina
    Las Vegas
    •Principles and Practices of Business Management
    •Strategic Planning
    •Sales and Marketing Tactics
    •Internal Business Operations
    •Financial Reporting & Control
    •Public Relations and Goodwill Ambassadorship
    •Formal and Informal Presentations
    •Media Relations
    •Corporate Turnaround Planning & Execution

    •#1 Bestseller Amazon Books DYING TO BE YOUNG
    •# Bestseller Barnes & Nobles books
    •President Temple Judea – 2000 to 2003
    •Moved Temple to Palm Beach Gardens, now largest reformed congregation, Northern PBC-
    •Lobby named after Dr. Kaplan and Rabbi Joel Levine
    •Honorary Chairmen of the Board- Temple Judea 2003 to Present
    •Board of Director Bear Lakes Country Club 2013-present
    •Presidents Achievement Award – New York Chiropractic College - 2002
    •Special Advisor, President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports – 1994-worked with Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders-Featured in USA Today Newspaper
    •Who’s Who Leading Executives – 1999
    •Who’s Who 2006
    •Acceptance into the Harvard University Advanced-Management Academic Program
    •President’s Circle – New York Chiropractic College – 1999
    •President’s Circle – Life Chiropractic College – 1992
    •Inner Golden Circle – Life Chiropractic College - 1994
    •International Who’s Who of Professionals – 1998
    •Editorial Board, American Chiropractor Magazine – 1998
    •Literary Arts Award, Jewish Arts Foundation – 1996
    •Special Advisor, U.S.A. Today Newspaper
    •Member, ICA Counsel on Chiropractic Pediatrics
    •Outstanding Young Man of America, U.S. Jaycees – 79,80,82,83,84,85,88
    •President’s Circle-of-Life Foundation
    •Chairman; Insurance Relation Committee, Palm Beach Chiropractic Association
    •State Assemblyman, International Chiropractic Association – 1987
    •Appointee, Sports & Fitness Committee International Chiropractic Association
    •Appointee, Insurance Relations Committee International Chiropractic Association
    •Appointee, State of Florida, Council on Sports & Fitness, S.E. Chiropractic Federation
    •Chairman, Council on Sports & Fitness, Florida Chiropractic Society
    •Chairman/Treasurer, Advertising Committee, Palm Beach County Chiropractic Society
    •Appointee, Inner Golden Circle Life College of Chiropractic – 1990 to Present
    •Chairman, Ethics & Managed-Care Committees for Clinicorp Inc. – 1993
    •Chairman, Protocol and Parameters of Practice for Clinicorp Inc. – 1993
    •Board Member, Florida Legislative Action Committee, ala Florida Chiropractic Society
    •Fellowship Award, New York Chiropractic College
    •Certified, Chiropractic Hospital Privileges & Protocol – 1991
    •Boards of Advisors & Directors, Bear Lakes Country Club – 1990-1991
    •Board Of Directors Marlwood Homeowners, PGA National 1990-1994
    •Chairman, Membership Committee, International Chiropractic Association
    •Board of Trustees, Temple Judea
    •Award Recipient; Children’s Wish Foundation Inc. – Increasing Public Awareness of Terminally Ill Children
    •Lectured and worked with United Kidney Fund
    •Featured Lecturer for Leukemia Foundation 2010

    Advisory Board and ongoing writer American Chiropractic Magazine
    Dying to be Young –“Botox To Botulism” Nightengale Press 2007
    #1 Bestseller, Amazon
    Dying to be Young-A Cosmetic Nightmare, A Spiritual Awakening” Pegasus Books 2008 # 1 Bestseller
    THE FIVE MINUTE MOTIVATOR  Red Willow Press,# 1 Bestseller 2012
    5 MINUTES TO WELLNESS Red Willow Press # 2 Bestseller 2012

    •“Dr. Kaplan’s Lifestyle of the Fit and Famous – A Wellness Approach to Thinning and Winning”, Starburst Publishers – February 1995
    •“Share Your Mission” A chapter in a  featured book with Mark Victor Hansen, John Gray, Patch Adams, Steve Allen  2003

    •Building a Multidisciplinary Practice, American Chiropractic – 1999
    •“God’s Vitamin C for the Spirit of Men”
    •“God’s Vitamin C for the Spirit”
    •“The Antioxidant Revolution”, InPractice Magazine, Vol. 4, Issue 4 – June 1996
    •“Imaging is Everything”, InPractice Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 1 – January 1996
    •“Documentation – The Key to the 90s”, Florida Chiropractic News, Vol. 4 – September 1995
    •American Registry, Who’s Who
    •“Today’s Chiropractic”, Cover Story – March/April 1998
    •“The Professional Practice”, American Chiropractic, Vol. 16 – July/August 1995
    •“Vitamania”, Florida Chiropractic News, Vol. 4 – 1995
    •“Barbara Bunkowsky: Back on Course”, Today’s Chiropractic Cover Story – March/April – 1991
    •The Professional’s Professional, ICA Review – November/December – 1991
    •ICA Conventioneers’ Speaker on; Working with Professional Athletes, ICA Review – July/August – 1992
    •The Professional Sublaxation, Florida Chiropractic News – January/February – 1992
    •Kids & Sports Hotline, USA TODAY – October 1994
    •Clinical Chiropractic – January 1995
    •Cleveland Jewish News – January 1995
    •News Herald [Detroit] – February 1995
    •Central Florida Family Journal [Orlando] – February 1995
    •Chicago Life Magazine, - April 1995
    •St. Petersburg, Florida Times [Lifestyle Section] – 1995
    •MD/DC Integration – September 1994
    •Goal Setting – September 1994
    •The Chiropractic Report of Findings – August 1994
    •How to Handle the Introductory Examination for New Patient, Professionally & Ethically  August 1994
    •The Health Club Program – June 1994
    •The Personal Injury Program – May 1994
    •Dr. Kaplan’s Dinner Program – January 1994
    •Medium Diagnostic Imaging of America, Inc – September 1994
    •The philosophy, Art and Science of Screenings – November 1994
    •God’s Chicken Soup for the Spirit – Kathy Collard Miller & D. Collard Miller
    •Decompression is More Than Traction-American Chiropractor Magazine
    •The 7 P's of Persuasion-American Chiropractor Magazine
    •Quest for Success- American Chiropractor Magazine
    •Selling Technology to Today’s Patients- American Chiropractor Magazine
    •Can a 'Value-Added' Strategy Boost Revenue- American Chiropractor Magazine
    •Billing Correctly for 21st Century- American Chiropractor Magazine
    •Staff Meetings- American Chiropractor Magazine
    •Whatever it Takes- American Chiropractor Magazine
    •8 Ways to Avoid Malpractice Suits-- American Chiropractor Magazine
    •7 Habits of Highly Effective Collections- American Chiropractor Magazine
    •Why and How to Conduct a HIPAA Walkthrough- American Chiropractor Magazine
    •Purpose, Principles, Policies: The 3 P’s- American Chiropractor Magazine
    •Winners Win - Whiners Whine - American Chiropractor Magazine
    •The Power of Priorities - American Chiropractor Magazine
    •What you are …is where you want to be - American Chiropractor Magazine
    •The Professional PI Practice - Know the rules, do it right - American Chiropractor Magazine
    •The Power to Win... - American Chiropractor Magazine
    •Improve Billing Efficiency with 4 Management Techniques - American Chiropractor Magazine
    •How to Avoid an On-site Privacy Rule Investigation - American Chiropractor Magazine
    •Financial Management for Future Freedom - American Chiropractor Magazine
    •Compliance: The Cornerstone of a Healthy Practice - American Chiropractor Magazine
    •Financial Management for Offices - American Chiropractor Magazine

    Dr. Kaplan has worked directly with or treated athletes from the following organizations
    California Angels                
    Washington Bullets
    Boston Red Sox
    Boston Celtics 
    Minnesota Twins 
    Washington Capitals
    New York Knickerbockers
    Palm Beach Community College
    Goldcoast Stingrays
    United States Basketball League
    ESPN Network
    Atlanta Hawks
    Dallas Mavericks
    Detroit Pistons
    Miss Universe Pageant
    LPG World
    Sky Capital
    Trump Organization
    Advanced Spinal Technologies
    Devonshire Wellington Green
    North American Medical
    Coca Cola
    Pepsi Cola
    Land of Lakes
    New York Yankees
    Cincinnati Reds
    Montreal Expos
    New York Mets
    Harlem Wizards
    Screen Actors Guild
    Professional Golfers Association
    Atlanta Braves
    Boston Celtics
    Women’s Tennis Association
    Philadelphia Phillies


    WFMD-AM, Washington, DC        WYSZ-AM, Maumee, OH
    WNTR-AM, Washington, DC        WHBB-AM, Selma, AL
    WKSS-FM, Washington, DC        KTBB-AM, Tyler, TX
    WKSY-FM, Washington, DC        KFLR-FM, Phoenix, AZ
    VOICE OF AMERICA, International    WCTS-AM, Minneapolis, MN
    WKBN-AM, Cleveland, OH        WMBD-AM [CBS], Peoria, IL
    WELW-AM, Cleveland, OH        KAVC-FM, Lancaster, CA
    WAKR-AM, Cleveland, OH        KORE-AM, Springfield, OK
    WNIC-FM, Detroit, MI        KWLM-AM, Willimar, MN
    WLTI-FM, Detroit, MI        KNMI-FM, Farmington, NM
    WGBH-AM, Detroit, MI        WDBX, West Frankfort, IL
    WBCK-AM, Detroit, MI        WATK-AM, Waterbury, CT
    WKOA-AM, Denver, CO        KOPB-FM, Portland, OR
    WJNO-AM, Tampa, FL        WBCO-AM, Bucyrus, OH
    WRBQ-AM, Tampa, FL        WABI-AM, Adrian, MI
    WBZ-AM, Boston, MA        WYLL-AM, Kildeer, IL
    WGLC-AM, Indianapolis, IN    WDAN-AM, Danville, IL
    IBN, National            KRLD-AM, Arlington, TX
    KCMO-AM, Kansas City, KA    KATD-AM, Concord, CA
    WSJS-AM, Greensboro, NC        KBLX-AM, Middleton, ID
    WESC-AM, Greenville, SC            KSFA-AM, Nacogdoches, TX
    WAPE-AM, Jacksonville, FL    KBRT-AM, Costa Mesa, CA
    WDRC-AM, Hartford, CT            WNIV-AM, Chico, CA
    KIRO-AM/FM, Seattle, WA        KKCM-AM, Shakopee, MN
    WSBA-AM, Harrisburg, PA        WOGL-AM, Philadelphia, PA
    WFTR-AM, Washington, DC        WMT-AM/FM, Cedar Rapids, ID
    MNN, Minneapolis, MN        KNSS-AM, Wichita, KA
    Southern Baptist Radio, FW, TX    KLUV-FM, Dallas, TX
    WHAM-AM, Rochester, NY        KNX-AM, Los Angeles, CA
    WJOL-AM, Chicago, IL        KCIS-AM, Seattle, WA
    WKRQ-FM, Cincinnati, OH        WORD-FM, Pittsburgh, PA
    KUTO-FM, Salt Lake City, UT    KLJC-FM, Kansas City, MO
    WEIM-AM, San Francisco, CA    KCIV-FM, Modesto, CA
    KPIX-AM, San Francisco, CA    WCRO-AM, Johnstown, PA
    WFHR-AM, Wisconsin Rapids, WI    WCIC-FM, Pekin, IL
    KHEP-AM, Phoenix, AZ        WTLM-FM, Orlando, FL
    WPHM-FM, Norfolk, VA        WMHR-FM, Syracuse, NY
    WVOA-FM, East Syracuse, NY    WJSL-AM, St. Louis, IL
    KGB Radio, San Diego, CA    WMDR-AM, Augusta, ME
    WMHI-FM, Cape Vincent, Canada    WNHN-FM, Rochester, NY
    KPHP-KP, Portland, OR        KGOM-FM, San Diego, CA
    KSOK-FM, St. Louis, MO        KYLL-FM, Chicago, IL
    KBRT-FM, St. Louis, MO        W201-AM, Columbus, OH

    For Lifestyles of the Fit & Famous

    KYW-TV [NBC], Morning News Show        WJBK-TV [ABC-5], Noon News
    Arlington Telecable, Around Arlington    WFAA-TV [ABC], Midday News
    National Empowerment Television,        WPEC-TV [CBS], Noon News
    KSTP-TV [ABC], Noon News Show        KDOC-TV, Southland Today
    CNBC, Alive and Wellness, National    TCI-CABLE, Down River Today
    WJW-TV [CBS/8], Good Day Cleveland    WMAQ-TV [NBC], Channel 5 News
    WDAF-TV [NBC], The Morning Show        WTSP-TV [ABC-10], News at Noon
    WAGA-TV [CBS], Good Day Atlanta        WXIA-TV [C-11], Alive Noonday
    WFAA-TV [ABC], Good Morning Texas    WTLG-TV [IND-52], Health Today
    KMSP-TV [ABC-9], Minnesota Noon News    WEWS-TV [ABC-5], Noon News
    WFLX-TV [FOX], Eye on South Florida    KUSA-TV [ABC-9], News at 6AM
    KSDA-TV [NBC], St. Louis Sunday        Jonas Intercable – Health Watch
    KMBC-TV [ABC[, Good Morning Kansas City    WPEC-TV [CBS], Evening News
    WTVT-TV [CBS-13], The Kathy Fountain Show
    WXON-TV [IND-20], living in the Lake Country
    News Channel 8, Afternoon Report, Washington, DC
    WTVT-TV [CBS-13], Eyewitness News this Morning

    For Other Books

    •DR OZ
    •Good Morning America
    •CNN Anderson Cooper
    •Montel Williams
    •Prime Time Live
    •Entertainment Tonight-The Insider
    •CNN News
    •National Local news CNN, CNBC, Fox, ABC, NBC,


    •Provided Commencement Address, New York Chiropractic College, 1999
    •Parker Chiropractic College 2011
    •Parker University 2012
    •Isagenix 2012
    •South Carolina Chiropractic Association  2007, 2009, 2011
    •Radisson Hotels 2011
    •Leukemia Society 2009
    •Temple Judea 2009
    •Parker Chiropractic College 2008, 2009, 2011
    •Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic 2005,2006,2007,2008
    •Presidents Conference, Arizona 2004, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, Land Of Lakes, Wendy’s, etc
    •LPG World, 2006,2007, 2008
    •New York Chiropractic Association 2008,2007,2006
    •South Carolina Chiropractic Association, 2006,2005,
    •International Chiropractic Association, Arnold Classic 2007,2006,2005
    •Devonshire Wellington Green 2008,2009
    •While Life Expo, Cleveland, OH – September
    Phoenix, AZ – October
    Chicago, IL – October 1999
    Atlanta, GA – November 1999
    •Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, FL – Health Awareness, Trump org.
    •Medical Diagnostic Imaging America, Keynote, 1994, 1995, 1996
    •Cybermed Inc., 1996
    •Smokenders Keynote, 1995 – 1999
    •NutriSystem Keynote, 1997 – 1999
    •First Unity Church, Kansas City, KA
    •Life Chiropractic College, 1980 – 1990
    •Chiropractic Consultants International
    •LaForte Chiropractic Group
    •Kats Management, 1993 – 1998
    •Celebrity Cruise Lines, 1998
    •Greenhouse Spa, 1998
    •Princess Cruise Lines, 1997
    •Markson Management Group, 1994 – 1995
    •Singer Chiropractic Consultants Group
    •International Chiropractic Consultants Group
    •Florida Home Show, 1990 – 1994
    •Florida Power & Light Inc.
    •Workers Compensation Convention, Peabody Hotel, Orlando, FL
    •Personal Injury Lecture Consultant, FP&L
    •New York Chiropractic College
    •Barnes & Noble Bookstores, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 1995
    •Barnes & Noble Bookstores, North Miami-Aventura, May 1995
    •Barnes & Noble Bookstores, Hollywood, FL, June 1995
    •Barnes & Noble Bookstores, Coral Springs, FL, June 1995
    •Bookstop, Boca Raton, May 1995
    •Liberties, Boca Raton, FL, June 1995


    •International Chiropractic Association
    •American Chiropractic Association
    •South Carolina Chiropractic Association
    •Florida Chiropractic Association
    •Palm Beach County Chiropractic Association
    •Council on Roentgenology
    •Council on Nutrition
    •Editorial Board; InPractice Magazine
    •Secretary, Chiropractic Association of Virginia
    •ICA Council on Pediatrics
    •ICA Council on Fitness and Sports Health Science
    •Fellow International Academy of Medical Acupuncture
    -International Medical Advisory Board for Spinal Decompression, Co Chairman 2011-2012

  • Dr. Perry M. Bard, C.E.O.

    Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) - Life College
    International College of Applied Kinesiology -ICAK
    National Spinal Decompression Certification - Parker University
    Southeast Back Institute
    Certified in Impairment Ratings
    State of Florida
    State of Tennessee  
    State of Georgia
    State of Texas  
    State of Colorado

    Associate Doctor - North Palm Chiropractic Center 1987-1988
    Associate Doctor - West Palm Chiropractic Life Center 1988-1990
    Owner - Health-1st Chiropractic Centers 1990 - 2005
    Owner - Physicians Diagnostic & Rehabilitation Center 1991-2005
    Owner - Doctors Centers 1995-2004
    Owner - Quick Slim Medical Weight Loss Centers 1994-1998
    Owner - Palm Beach Massage Centers 1997-Present
    Owner - Physicians Care Group 1996-2000
    Owner - Prime Care Physicians 2010-Present