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DOCTOR.......It's Time For You To Learn How To "LIVE THE DREAM"

Dear Doctor:

Please take 15 seconds to answer these -5- questions…

1. Are you concerned about the economy and your chiropractic practice?

2. Are you lying awake and worrying about paying bills, taxes or retirement?

3. Are you bringing home $20,000+ a month & taking regular vacations?

4. Are you getting worn down by Insurance companies not paying your bills

5. Are you finding it harder and harder to get New Patients.

This is NOT hype. Please just take 5 Minutes, 300 seconds of your time and read this – I wouldn’t insult you by wasting your time and YES… you can quit worrying, earn $350,000+ & become debt free as a chiropractor.   My partner Dr Perry Bard retired at the age of 40, find out how and he did this and how you can too.  

Hello…my name is Dr. Eric Kaplan. You may have heard of me as I've appeared on every major news outlet from NBC to ABC to FOX including Dr. Oz and have literally changed the lives of chiropractors all over the United States.  If you have not seen our marketing in the major DC publications you're in for something special.   

Concierge Coaches is a premier consulting company with an elite network of doctors throughout the USA that have dramatically improved their practices & personal life. Learn how and why many of our DC’s  are becoming totally debt free in just 18 to 24 months  We do this by teaching our doctors a complete system, of patient management, marketing, while maintaining a  low overhead, low-stress practice that can  give you  the freedom to enjoy annual vacations and begin loving life and your practice once again.

This is very real and Concierge Coaches  is not a cookie-cutter seminar program. It is a "one-on-one" program specific to your needs. We specialize in directly & personally coaching and consulting with DC’s and MD’s who want to build their practice through Chiropractic enhanced by Massage, Decompression, Medical Integration, Weight Loss, Laser and much more.  

After seeing an average of 200 patients per day, and over 1000 visits per week, I sold my six offices and went on to Wall Street, where I became the President, COO of the nationally acclaimed weight loss company Nutrisystem. My partner, Dr.Perry Bard averaged over 20 brand new patients per day, week in, week out for 4 years.

Together we work as a team. A team coaching you personally. Our goal is to mentor our clients to do what others don’t do so they can have what others don’t have. We are operate by a very high standard of ethics, integrity and morals and work directly with healthcare attorneys, compliance officers and insurance, billing & coding experts to ensure that our clients don’t have to worry they are doing something wrong.

The CONCIERGE DIFFERENCE, Unlike most consultants WE ARE NOT A SEMINAR DRIVEN COMPANY. When we started Concierge Coaches in 2010 after being successful individual consultants since 1993 or over 19 years ago we realized most chiropractors were not living their dreams because of a lack of business knowledge. Having worked with a public company where I tripled the stock price, after taking a company form losing 1 million per month we know the formula for success.  Why is it that today, in a healthcare which is a billion dollar industry chiropractors are going bankrupt?  Why throughout the country are so many chiropractors  struggling to survive because insurance companies are reducing benefits, reimbursing less and limiting access to chiropractic… but what I am about to tell you can be an answer to your problems and is not too good to be true.  

                We work with our clients to teach them how to enjoy high profit margins because we do not recommend ineffective advertising. Our marketing works and it time tested.  Concierge Coaches helps you weekly by reviewing your statistics while teaching you how to control your overhead. What I am saying is our clients don’t brag…they just enjoy their practices, the key word is enjoy.  

This is an amazing time & opportunity. Listen to what others have to say…

Many of our current doctors could tell you similar stories and we want you to be able to share your story in the future. Our promise to you is that YOU can STOP worrying and start enjoying your practice.  Imagine a happier, more secure life for your, your practice, your family, by making the decision to do something about your future.

Where do you begin here and now, you can start by,

1. Asking for our FREE REPORT "The Million Dollar Practice Blueprint"


2. Calling today to set up a FREE personal consultation (888-990-9660).


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  • Dr. Eric S. Kaplan, C.E.O.


    Significant and recognized success in high-profile, Corporate Business Leader, Consulting and Administrative positions involving the Strategic Marketing and Management of successful Health-Service enterprises throughout the United States … Successfully establishing service enterprises in highly competitive, major metropolitan territories, capturing market share, managing business operations and formulating programs designed to diversify products and services …Acting in the capacity of Corporate Turnaround Specialist, transforming marginal or deficient public 

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  • Dr. Perry M. Bard, C.E.O.

    Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) - Life College
    International College of Applied Kinesiology -ICAK
    National Spinal Decompression Certification - Parker University
    Southeast Back Institute
    Certified in Impairment Ratings
    State of Florida
    State of Tennessee  
    State of Georgia
    State of Texas
     State of Colorado

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Hi Eric,

    As you know, things are going well here. I can't believe the production and the collections that we are seeing now. We have officially doubled everything and I am pleased to see the fruits of my labor. Again, thanks for everything. Our growth has a lot to do with our new patient flow and diversification of our services. My front desk CA has been great ever since I put her on an incentive program. Dr. Cornejo has been a tremendous asset as he has referred many patients to the practice"
    Dr. D - California
  • "Dear Eric,

    Thanks for the recent advice. Once again you’ve proven your value as a business consultant and a friend. You taught me how to integrate my practice and made for a smooth transition. My income has exploded under your direction and I love the fact that you are always there for me and always updated on rules and regulations.

    For 8 years your guidance has been invaluable to me in building my practice. In my opinion your knowledge of the industry, your years of experience, and your ability to spot upcoming trends sets you apart from the pack.

    You’re the best,"
    John T. Keenan, DC